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If you loved Summer Food in Provence, you'll adore Marita's
latest food book

Marita and Alain’s big family love to eat, and eat well. They prefer to cook according to the seasons, to save time, money and effort – and to ensure the freshest flavours. In winter they have to be that bit more innovative in their shopping and cooking because of the limited variety available, but they have a number of tricks and good ideas to liven up their meals in all sorts of innovative ways.
In Winter Food in Provence Marita writes about the olive harvest and the grape harvest, about mussels and oysters and other shellfish, about winter vegetables like potatoes and cabbage. Christmas time is chocolate time, and the traditional Provençal Christmas meal is brought to a delicious conclusion with no fewer than thirteen desserts. Kings tarts are baked with a lucky charm tucked away in the delicious almond filling, and February is the month devoted to making and consuming pancakes. And then there are preserved anchovies and dried cod, dried sausages and smoked hams, nuts and pâtés and pulses, festive tables and comforting family food for the darkest days of the year.
She’s made sure that the recipes can be attempted outside France without too much effort or expense. This is hearty, honest food that feeds more than just the body, it’s food that warms the soul.
Ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans as Winterkos in Provence



A humorous collection of stories about moving the way the French do it. It is a book about place, what binds the heart to a home, about breaking ties to grow new ones and about what we take with us. Marita finds that life is a fountain, always bubbling up with new surprises, wherever we go in the world.


portospacer porto spacerportoDIE BLOU VAN ONTHOU TOER<>
As Die blou van onthou jou lus gemaak het om Portugal beter te leer ken, kom kuier in September saam met my en 'n paar lekker mense in hierdie land. (Boonop meer bekostigbaar as Provence vir ons met ons swak SA rande.)
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Marita en Deon Meyer maak 'n movie!
Deon Meyer is die vervaardiger van die rolprent Dis koue kos, skat, gebaseer op Marita se gewilde roman, wat binnekort verfilm word. Elzabé Zietsman, wat 'n suksesvolle eenvrou-vertoning van Dis koue kos, skat landwyd by kunsfeeste aangebied het, speel die rol van Clara se vriendin Minette en Anna-Mart van der Merwe is Clara.



Regisseur Margot Luyt en Marita met die ATKV-Veertjie vir die beste radiodrama wat onlangs toegeken is aan Marita se eerste radiodrama, Bagasie.

Marita in London
Marita launched her latest book 'n Fontein voor ons deur among an enthusiastic crowd of SA expats in London. The English transaltion, A Fountain in France, will be published in early 2015 by Penguin.
Marita will be in the Netherlands and Belgium to promote Afrikaans novels

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