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Summer Food in Provence
(in association with Alain Claisse). Tafelberg, 2010

A food book filled with fabulous pictures, culinary stories, recipes and ideas - a delicious medley of imagination and common sense, gastronomic treats and everyday practicality, that will delight and inspire both experienced cooks and novices in the kitchen.

They are an average family with children (who wouldn't hesitate to choose bought hamburgers and frites over all their parents' gourmet offerings) and an average income. They do not have the time, energy or money to make complicated and pretentious dishes with expensive ingredients such as truffles or foie gras, and their children have no interest in snails, frogs' legs and other French specialities that are hard to obtain elsewhere.

The recipes in this book are for the food that this large family and their friends enjoy every summer under the plane tree in front of an old stone house. Spring food, summer food, Provençal and Mediterranean dishes that will taste as delicious under a jacaranda, a kiepersol - or any other tree in any other country.

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